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Running an ABA business is a challenge no matter what your model or experience level is. Too many ABA business owners and leaders get pulled away from the rewarding part of the business and get dragged into the doldrums of dealing with technical compliance, policy management, billing struggles, recruiting, retention, waitlists and ON and ON and ON. This is why our team is focused on constantly developing our turnkey solutions tailor made for ABA businesses large and small no matter what your service delivery model is.

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of parents reported that ABA therapy had been effective in improving their child's skills
0 %
of children with ASD receive no ABA therapy at all
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of ABA providers have reported difficulty in recruiting and retaining qualified staff
0 %
of providers reported difficulty in obtaining reimbursement for ABA services from insurance companies
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Are you running your ABA business or is your ABA business running you?

You didn’t get in to the ABA Therapy business to be stuck, stressed or strapped. You’re here to make a positive impact, start living that purpose through your business!

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It’s time to take control of your business and your future and get back to what you’re best suitted for. Of the many challenges you overcome in the ABA industry, these are just a few we can help take off of your list…

Client Waitlist

ABA provider waitlists can be a headache for providers as they struggle to keep up with demand, while families in need of care are left waiting desperately for help. This can cause stress and anxiety for both providers and families alike.

Physical Safety and Security

The cybersecurity of ABA facilities is just as critical as physical security. Implementing CCTV, access control, and managing vulnerabilities like email hacking and imposter threats on child pickup lists can prevent potential security breaches and protect sensitive client data.

Cash Flow

The cash flow of ABA businesses can suffer due to human error, data loss, and communication issues in billing processes. Seamless integration between people, processes, and technology can eliminate gaps and improve financial communication to boost cash flow.

Recruiting and Retention

ABA businesses struggle to find qualified staff, leading to difficulties in providing quality care and increasing waitlists. Staff shortages can negatively impact the financial health of the ABA by reducing productivity and revenue.

Data Protection & HIPAA Compliance

For ABA providers, the compounding of records can be a challenge. Each patient has at least one parent or guardian, meaning that records for all parties fall under PHI and require HIPAA compliance to protect sensitive data.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

For ABA providers, it's crucial to have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure continuous service delivery and timely recovery after a disaster. Planning ahead can minimize the impact of unforeseen disruptions and maintain quality care for patients in need.

Economic Downturn Readiness

It's crucial for ABA companies to have a plan in place to weather economic downturns. Developing strategies to cut expenses, increase cash flow, and optimize billing workflows can help ensure financial stability during tough times.


ABA companies must maintain profitability to achieve their mission of providing quality care to those in need and expanding their reach. Dependable cash flow and profitability enable them to reinvest in their business, expand their services, and make a more significant impact on their community.


For ABA companies, having a proper cybersecurity program is critical. With the sensitive information of clients and families at risk, it's important to have measures in place to protect against data breaches, malware, and other cyber threats.

Technology Management

Having a proper technology management program in place is crucial for ABA companies to ensure smooth business operations and provide quality services. It involves managing software and hardware, IT support, updates and patches, asset management, and more.

Staff Training (HIPAA & Security Awareness)

Having a proper staff training program for HIPAA and Security Awareness is critical for ABA companies to ensure their staff are informed and equipped with the necessary skills to protect sensitive patient data and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

EMR/EHR Solutions

Having a proper EHR/EMR solution is critical for ABA companies to effectively manage patient data, treatment plans, and documentation. Choosing the right solution can improve workflows, enhance patient care, and increase overall efficiency, while a poorly designed or inadequate solution can create chaos and decrease productivity.

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