Decoding Florida's Digital Bill of Rights: What It Means for You and Your Business

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ATTENTION: Consumers, Business Owners, and Business Leadership!

Florida Steps Up Its Game with the Digital Bill of Rights: A Look into the Sunshine State’s New Privacy Playbook 

Ah, Florida – the Sunshine State. Known for its beautiful beaches, citrus groves, and now, its commitment to digital privacy. In an era where your online data is the new goldmine, Florida’s Digital Bill of Rights (FDBR) shines a spotlight on the rights of consumers and the responsibilities of big tech giants. 

“When I think of Florida, I picture retirees sipping on their piña coladas. Now, I can also imagine them fighting for their digital rights. How’s that for versatility?” 

What’s the Big Deal About the FDBR aka Senate Bill 262? 

On the 20th of September, 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis made headlines by signing Senate Bill 262, enacting the FDBR. While Florida is not the first state to join this digital dance, it’s certainly brought its unique moves. Other states like California, Utah, and Texas have also stepped up their game in the data privacy arena. 

Now, for the ones asking, “What makes Florida’s dance so special?” Let me break it down for you. Unlike other US State Data Privacy Laws, the FDBR has certain nuances that set it apart: 

Higher jurisdictional thresholds: This means fewer entities will be subject to this law. Sorry small businesses, this one’s more for the big fish. 

Expanded opt-out rights: Floridians can now flex those opt-out muscles a bit more. 

Protection for kids online: A commendable step, because let’s face it, children shouldn’t be easy targets. 

No government officials playing content police: Government officials are prohibited from regulating online content. 

Who’s in the FDBR Spotlight? 

If you’re an entity boasting an annual global revenue of over a whopping $1 billion, Florida’s got its eyes on you. Especially if you’re: 

Dominating online advertisement sales. 

Running a consumer smart speaker connected to the cloud. 

Operating a large app store or digital platform. 

The small mom-and-pop store down the street? Probably not under this magnifying glass. 

What Does FDBR Mean for Consumers Like Me? 

Glad you asked! If you’re a resident of Florida (or planning to become one after reading about these benefits), here’s what’s in store for you: 

Access and control: You can now peek into the data a company has about you, correct inaccuracies, or even delete it. 

Consent before sale: If you’re sensitive about your racial background, religious beliefs, or even your geolocation, companies now need your green light before selling this data. 

Voice & facial recognition: Feel like you’re being watched or listened to? You can opt out of this too. 

Remember the good old times when correcting a typo in your data felt like breaking into a bank? Well, FDBR allows companies to provide self-service portals where you can make those edits. Freedom at last! 

What About the Big Players? 

The FDBR expects businesses to be more transparent, responsible, and downright fair when it comes to handling personal data. Whether it’s collecting only what’s necessary, ensuring robust data security, or providing a clear privacy notice, businesses have their work cut out for them. 

Another interesting tidbit – FDBR introduces a mandatory processing agreement between controllers (those deciding how your data is used) and processors (entities processing the data on behalf of controllers). Can you smell the teamwork? 

Protecting the Young Minds 

Children, often easy targets in the digital world, get a special mention in the FDBR. Platforms predominantly accessed by kids have specific guidelines to ensure their protection. Whether it’s avoiding manipulative “dark patterns” or not retaining data longer than necessary, the FDBR ensures our little ones aren’t exploited. 

Content Moderation and Government 

In an unprecedented move, the FDBR has placed clear boundaries on the government’s involvement with content moderation on social media platforms. Remember the time when politicians and social media didn’t get along? Looks like FDBR is giving them relationship advice. 

In a Nutshell 

While the FDBR is a massive stride for Florida, it is distinct from other US State Data Privacy Laws. Businesses, especially those interacting with children and collecting sensitive data, need to strap up and prepare. It’s high time they align with the spirit of the FDBR, ensuring a safer, more transparent digital space for all. 

Florida’s Digital Bill of Rights serves as a glowing beacon in our ever-evolving digital world, going into effect July 1, 2024.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. For specific compliance concerns, please consult with a qualified legal professional.

By: Janine Khan

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