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Jan 24, 2022 by Derreck Ogden

TrackMan Marble Wheel Review

If you’re a someone who multi-tasks on your computer for sales & marketing, customer service, digital design, music & video editing, or data entry – this is the mouse you’ve been waiting for – a Bluetooth version of Logitech’s fabled TrackMan Marble Wheel. And this is, indeed, a really nice trackball for use with new laptops that don’t have USB-A ports, such as the MacBook/MacBook Pro.

I have to give this mouse a rating of 5/5 stars because it’s seriously awesome. My favorite feature is that I can use both my Windows laptop and my MacBook Pro seamlessly as if I were using dual-monitors, but there are a few other cool features that make this the best mouse I’ve ever used and well worth the $100. It’s a good investment for work. I’m in sales and every second counts. The few seconds I save on each task add up quick. I make 300 phone calls in a week, so if I save just 5 seconds on each phone call, that’s 25 minutes of extra time I can use per week to make calls. With my average cold-call time being 5 minutes, that’s an extra 5 calls per week.

If you like to use trackball mice, the trackball functionality with this mouse is exactly what you’d expect from Logitech, but this one comes with a few extra features – tiltable scrollwheel, the ‘precision’ button to allow fine control, and the ability to switch between two devices. In the past, when my batteries in my mouse ran dry and I didn’t have a spare set of batteries with me, my mouse became useless.  The AA battery in this mouse has been replaced by lithium-polymer rechargeable battery and recharges via micro-USB. No more  cramping fingers and wrists due to having to use the track pad.

The only downside to this mouse is that there’s no spot inside the mouse to hold the Unifying Receiver. It’s not really an issue for me because I use the Bluetooth on my MacBook and I keep the receiver plugged into the USB port on my Lenovo laptop. Just be careful to not lose your receiver if you take it out!

This Logitech trackball mouse is among the best of their products. One great perk with purchasing Logitech mice is that they replace worn out trackballs for free, unless they last too long, and then you’ll have to buy a replacement. They last for years, so chances are, you’ll be buying whatever new and improved product they come out with before you’ll need to replace the track ball.

The little nubs that the ball rides on are seemingly indestructible. Some reviewers complain that they’re plastic, but I believe they’re actually a kind of ceramic or glass. They afford very light, smooth rotation in all directions, and they don’t wear out. Like any small mechanism in a hands-on application, they do collect dust and other debris from one’s hands, but that accumulation of dust and furch just makes the ball movement gradually increase in friction. Pop out the ball, flick of the little dust donuts with your fingernail, and the thing is super smooth and free-wheeling again.

The new MX ERGO is reported to use button switches that are 10X longer-lived than it’s predecessors, or more. Since that was the only defect in the M570, that should mean the ERGO is pretty close to perfect. If it wears out in 20 years, it won’t matter because instead of buying a new mouse, I’ll probably just get Elon’s Neuralink and interface with the computer directly with my mind!

The ERGO is the perfect weight to keep it in place on my desk. I love the sideways tilt feature, since I can use it lying flat for several hours, and then give my wrist some relief by switching to the more upright position, which allows the side of my hand to rest lightly on the desktop. The bottom of the trackball has a 20-degree bend in the middle, and magnets on either side. It comes equipped with a 2mm-thick metal plate that can magnetically attach to either side to cause the tilt. This feature is great for when your hand or wrist starts to get tired of being in the same position – you can just tilt it in the other position and get a fresh feel to continue working. The tilt mechanism is  much more stable than you’d expect, and while you can deliberately tilt it, it’s not going to accidentally tilt when you aren’t expecting it. The magnet is strong enough to hold its position but it’s also easy to change it when you feel the need. It’s also much easier to relax my fingers without inadvertently clicking L or R.

The best feature outside of comfort is the improved scroll wheel, which now has left and right tilt, in addition to downward clicking.The only downside, if I had to choose one, is the price. Even at $100, it’s still a good investment if you need to multitask. You can buy it here:

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