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“A lot of people ask me what our trick is to get to the top of the search results in Google and other search engines. It’s hard to explain to people that don’t see things from the angle that I do. I think the simplest explanation is this: THE SEARCH ENGINES ARE REALLY SMART AND SO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS. You aren’t going to trick search engines into listing you at the top(for long) and you aren’t going to fool people into buying your product if it’s not what they’re looking for.”
-Derreck Ogden

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“Search Engine Optimization” is a broadly abused term that is regularly used by internet marketing companies to take money from the coffers of businesses worldwide. Our internet marketing strategies are built around bringing the customers/visitors to your site that are most likely going to interact with your site in the way you need them to whether they need to make a purchase, contribute to a blog or hire your business.

The first piece of advice we give our new SEO clients is to stop working so hard to “blow up” their site’s influence. Many folks do more damage than good by making their own attempts at climbing up the rankings in Google and the other major search engines. The search engines use algorithms to look for websites that are the most relevant to the search terms that are being searched on their sites. These companies have teams of programmers working day and night to improve the accuracy of their searches and increase the “intelligence” of their algorithms. The worst thing you can do in your SEO efforts is set off a flag in one of these algorithms that will label you a “cheater” and could get your kicked out of the search results altogether.

The “Trick”
If there is a “trick” to search engine optimization it’s this:
Learn as much about your potential visitors as possible, create a site with an environment and content that is going to appeal to your visitors and go to where your potential visitors are already going on the web and invite them to your site!

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