Tier-Free IT Support Model - WOM Technology Management Group

The individuals occupying IT support roles are notoriously bad at customer service. Commonly, technicians are quick to talk down to end users in need of help and are just as quick to “escalate to the next tier”. We believe tier escalation is a fancy way to dress up “passing the buck” with technical jargon.

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We often hear “we’re not used to this” from our new clients when they first experience our troubleshooting process. That’s a wonderful thing to hear. The traditional IT support model thrives on finding blame, absolving themselves individually, and passing off the responsibility to anyone else available.

Our system is different and for end users just coming out of the abusive traditional IT support relationship, it’s surprisingly easier. When an issue ticket comes to our help desk it gets assigned to a customer service tech and that tech becomes the permanent “owner” of the ticket. If the internet provider, phone provider, web developer, or third-party support needs to be contacted, the ticket owner makes the call. If it needs to be escalated, the ticket owner takes it up the chain until the issue is resolved and circles back with the end user. It seems simple, but it’s a concept that other IT providers still refuse to adopt. It’s a more costly approach to have a dedicated customer service team in addition to all the traditional support tiers, network operations center, security operations center, web development team, etc. We’ve learned over the last decade that this model promotes individual responsibility, decreases resolution times, and works wonders for end-user satisfaction. For our clients’ business leaders, the results of this delivery model manifest themselves in the form of improved morale, increased productivity, and decreased downtime.

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