Third-Party Provider Management - WOM Technology Management Group

Technology support providers often focus on selling as many services and products to their clients as they can to increase profits. Our model focuses on selecting the right service providers for our clients without bias. If you’ve hired a firm to manage your technology, they should be researching and negotiating for solutions on behalf of your business, not theirs. When and MSP or a cybersecurity company has entered into a dealer or distributor agreement with a third-party provider, they are always going to be biased toward those solutions so they can turn a profit. We don’t enter into those types of relationships because we believe our clients deserve to know all options available to them without limiting their options to the providers, we have agreements with. Our recommendations for the types of services bellow are always a direct relationship between our client and the provider, we simply manage the relationship on behalf of our client. This is the only way to ensure that we’re always focused on client loyalty and not a referral fee or markup on a third-party service contract.

Beware of Managed IT firms who offer their own:

Internet Services

VoIP Phone Services

Printer and Copier Lease and Maintenance

SaaS Applications

Cloud/Co-Located Servers

Structured Cabling

Document Management and Data Disposal

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