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There is an 80% Chance Your Small Businesses has already been hacked!

Cyber security risks are not just issues facing large businesses. The growing trends and side effects of both the global pandemic along with rapid shift to work from home business models as revealed a massive increase in hacking and data breach with small to midsize businesses the highest group targeted. Small businesses are viewed as soft targets for cyber criminals because they generally have cash flow to siphon, money in the bank to steal and a low-level of security to have to work around to get to the loot.

Businesses often rely on IT administrators and managed IT providers to tell them what their current needs are for infrastructure, scalability cyber security and more. While most of these responsibilities are easily covered by most providers, cyber security is a highly specialized field. Hearing “we’ve got you covered” from a trusted IT support provider often gives business leaders a false sense of security. This doesn’t mean your IT people have bad intentions, cyber security is just out of their league.

Our third-party cyber security risk assessment process will allow you and your IT team to identify vulnerabilities and mitigation steps. Working with you and your IT team, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to identify and quantify your cyber risks. We’ll give you and your IT team recommendations for eliminating unnecessary risk as well as insurance coverage recommendations and ongoing compliance monitoring. Upon completion of your baseline cyber security risk assessment, you’ll also have the information you need to devise your incident response plans for continuity during a breach and faster recovery after a breach.

The assessment process is hard work for all involved and it’s not cheap, but it’s a far easier path to follow than falling victim to a cyber-attack and being unprepared. Don’t be caught off guard!

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