Colt Jesse - WOM Technology Management Group

Aug 09, 2022 by Elke Freed

Colt Jesse

InfraRed Associates is an infrared device manufacturer with 25 employees and I’m in charge of technical support and IT management along with other manufacturing responsibilities. WOM takes care of the day-to-day IT management tasks so I can focus on my other wafer manufacturing tasks. I don’t have to deal with updating software, or installing printer drivers, or ensuring that our backups are running and up to date.

When we were hit by a ransomware attack, WOM got us back up and running quickly and without having to pay the ransom. We were covered under our monthly Sentinel Membership Plan. WOM has been running our IT operations since 2013 and we treat them as an internal department of InfraRed Associates. They’re an integral part of our team and part of our family.

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