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IT providers commonly measure their usefulness and success based on how many employees or technicians they have on the payroll; we don’t see it that way.


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Since our founding in 2009, we’ve always maintained a very small client-facing service team. Our clients find that they repeatedly work with the same team members when they reach out, those team members get to know our clients intimately. They are able to learn our clients’ systems and processes in great detail allowing them to coach end users and department heads on improving processes and document workflows.

The problem with this model is that a small team can’t possibly have the time necessary to specialize in all areas of information technology. By partnering with specialty technology providers, we have overcome this obstacle and exceeded the capabilities of our competitors who try to keep everything in-house.

Specialty Management (partnering with third-party IT specialist firms) has pushed our capacity and resources beyond what a typical IT provider with 20x our annual budget could possibly attain. We’re small and we punch above our weight class, just like our clients!

With our partnered specialization of network operations, web development, backup storage, security operations, incident response and more, we can guarantee results and flexibility. We’re able to utilize the resources of our partners to scale enterprise solutions down to a single laptop for a one-man plumbing company all the way up to an ITAR compliant US Department of Defense manufacturer with 500 employees.


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