Security Operations Center - WOM Technology Management Group

It takes a comprehensive business-conscious strategy to make cyber security work for you. Our SOC is online 24/7 with live technicians watching over our clients’ networks and digital assets.

At WOM Technology Management we understand how to protect your business and systems with confidence by gaining the insight of top incident response, recovery engineering, managed detection & response, cyber liability insurance, and cyber law experts.

Three tile links:

1 – Incident Response Consulting (link to page)

Active incidents, suspicious activity, or transactional due diligence? Our investigation team is here to help you make the best decisions for your business.

2 – Recovery Engineering and Consulting (link to page)

Recovering from Ransomware or another type of cyber-attack or disaster? Our recovery engineering services will get you back online quickly, responsibly, and securely.

 3 – Managed Detection and Response

Our managed detection and response services provide customers with remotely delivered modern security operations center (MSOC) functions. These functions allow organizations to rapidly detect, analyze, investigate, and actively respond through threat mitigation and containment.

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