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Our Centurion Defense Managed Detection & Response brings together the power of Red Canary’s superior MDR technology with the expertise and support of our US-based security operations team. Our goal is to be your security ally, allowing you to focus on other important tasks as we monitor, detect, and respond to threats to your entire business architecture in real time. Our modern security operations center and incident handlers at Red Canary collaborate to remediate threats to your environment on your behalf—giving you peace of mind knowing you have a team in your corner doing the heavy lifting for your cyber defense.


Column 1:

Benefits of Centurion Defense:

Expert team in your corner

Around the clock coverage

Award-winning Red Canary technology

Remediation of threats on your behalf

On-demand advisory services available when needed

Column 2:

Centurion Defense provides:

Code-based detections that operate with full freedom on raw telemetry

3,000+ behavioral-based detectors updated on an ongoing basis

Transparency in operations so you know every step in the process

Summary reports that measure Centurion Defense and Red Canary’s performance in your environment over time including response time, threat detection effectiveness and more

Confidence is knowing you’re protected from breaches 24×7

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) improves threat detection and response across your IT network—without the need to hire additional staff.

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