Lost Photo of Jeff Bezos Circa 1974 - WOM Technology Management Group

Jan 13, 2022 by Derreck Ogden

Lost Photo of Jeff Bezos Circa 1974

Successful leaders in business have one thing in common: they lead. Making decisions related the types of technology to use and how far to take the implementations of different solutions requires forethought, knowledge, and the courage to lead a team to a new horizon is a full-time job. When asked what I do, I often say “I sell horizons”. What that means is I connect my client base with things they’ve never seen before or heard of before and help to expose them to new horizons so they can gather the information and data on these new possibilities, process it all with their super-genius business leader brains and act on a decision that will move their company closer towards the perfect specimen of a well-run company. Staying AHEAD of the technology wave is really where success is held. Keeping up just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, whether you’re running an insurance company, an electrical contracting firm, or a contractor for the US Department of Defense, you’d better make sure you are staying ahead! If Jeff Bezos had a lemonade stand as a kid, you know it would’ve had an e-commerce division. What’s happening with your lemonade stand?

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