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Home Internet Network Design & Install. LAN/Ethernet

Home Internet Network Design & Install. LAN/Ethernet
Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics provides a full range of IT infrastructure and home cabling installation services for commercial and residential customers. We specialize in installations of low voltage structured cabling systems for voice, data (internet network),video equipment. Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality service at competitive price.

Data cabling is a key component of any infrastructure, therefore it is advisable to commit 15-20% of the total cost in this area when planning new IT infrastructure, as studies have shown that failures in badly designed and implemented cabling are very common and can get very expensive. So investment in high quality cabling and infrastructure design is easily justified.

The performance of an infrastructure depends not only on the quality of its components, but more importantly on the quality of the cabling installation. Each and every network infrastructure is installed and tested by trained engineers using state of the art equipment.

Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics provides professional and affordable installation services of category 5e (Cat5e), category 6 (Cat6) and coaxial cable for data and voice network infrastructures at large, commercial scale as well as for small business and residential facilities.

We will help you determine which is best for your business or IT operations, based on your current situation and also taking into consideration your future plans of growth or diversification. Cat 5e is the most widely used cable in the industry today with application suitable for both voice and data. Its bandwidth capabilities far exceed the requirements for most voice applications and it satisfies the bandwidth needs for most data and networking systems used today.

Thanks to our expertise, we can help our customers incorporate all of their data, voice and wireless applications into a common corporate design to maximize home network and hardware efficiencies for successful deployment and utilization of their business resources.

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Lucky Cat 7

Our structured cabling specialists recommend using the highest quality and cost effective Category 7 Ethernet cable and terminations. We’ll pull it, punch it down, crimp it, hide it and plug you in!

Get Wired

Sometimes WiFi doesn’t provide sufficient signal or bandwidth for certain devices to connect and operate effectively. Connecting these devices via a wired Ethernet connection is often the cure for network connection losses and constant “buffering”.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Our structured cabling specialists understand the science behind getting the necessary wires to where you need them. We are able to separate our installs from those of our competition is by understanding the art of concealing our work and keeping your wires out of site and out of mind!

Our cabling services include:

  • Turnkey cabling services
  • Networking and infrastructure services
  • Voice, data and video wiring
  • Structured cabling solution
  • Wireless home networking
  • Internet Network Analysis
  • Infrastructure moves, adds and changes
  • Dmarc extension for T1, T3, DS1
  • Wiring for paging systems
  • Gigabit Ethernet wiring
  • Cat5e, Cat6 cable testing runs certification
  • POS systems installation and service

Already have Cat5e cable installed for your internet network and want to upgrade to higher speeds? No problem. Gigabit Ethernet network can be installed over existing copper wiring. It requires, at a minimum, Category 5e (enhanced) and Category 6 cable that are commonly recommended industry standards for internet networks. Click here to learn more about Gigabit Ethernet specifications and requirements.

If you are planning to relocate to a new office space we can help you move your data and voice services along with your IT infrastructure. We can assist with relocation and setup of your phone systems, including VOIP as well as your internet network systems. Complete LAN wiring services for Ethernet networks. We provide testing services for CAT5, CAT6, 100/1000 Mbps data lines to insure proper data transmission speeds included with every installation or move.

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