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What is the weakest link in your cyber security?

Your Employees.

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Employees are the weakest link in almost every small and medium business’s cyber security. Innocent mistakes made by your employees due to lack of training or gaps in IT policy create the greatest cybersecurity risks. With new threats emerging every day, it’s sometimes necessary to make company-wide policy changes to protect against improper IT practices. By providing cybersecurity training to you and your employees, we can turn your weakest link into your strongest asset on the frontlines of the war against cybercrime. Taking a holistic approach to cyber risk management makes it possible to protect your company from most cyber-attacks.

At WOM Technology Management Group, we provide cybersecurity training to all our Centurion members. Our training programs include simulated phishing attacks, employee education, and employee knowledge assessments. We encourage our clients to gamify our training program to make it fun and promote participation from their team. Nothing gets a team to take training seriously like when it’s made into a competition with rewards and prizes!

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