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Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) is a specialty that falls under the umbrella of our Integrated Cyber Risk Management. It focuses on the identification, investigation, and remediation of cyberattacks.

Female hacker wearing a hoodie using a dangerous virus to make the government database vulnerable.


DFIR has two main components:

  1. Incident Response: The overarching process that an organization will follow to prepare for, detect, contain, and recover from a data breach.
  2. Digital Forensics: A subset of forensic science that examines system data, user activity, and other pieces of digital evidence to determine if an attack is in progress and who may be behind the activity.

Digital forensics is used to trace the cyber-attack path and scrutinize every move the attacker made on your network. A comprehensive digital forensics investigation will provide a report of any data that was copied or removed from the network.

Due to the proliferation of endpoints and an escalation of cybersecurity attacks in general, DFIR has become a central capability within the organization’s security strategy and threat-hunting capabilities. The shift to the cloud, as well as the acceleration of remote-based work, has further heightened the need for organizations to ensure protection from a wide variety of threats across all devices that are connected to the network.

Though DFIR is traditionally a reactive security function, sophisticated tooling, and advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), has enabled WOM Technology Management Group to leverage DFIR activity to identify and implement preventative measures. We consider DFIR an integral component of our proactive Integrated Cyber Risk Management process and ongoing security strategy.


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