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Are you ready for cyber insurance?

Highly unlikely. Protecting your business from cyber risk by obtaining cyber liability insurance will help safeguard your data, brand reputation, and more. However, insurers want to make sure organizations have taken the necessary steps to strengthen their security posture prior to issuing a policy.

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Our Cyber Insurance Assessment team will provide you with the information you need to ensure your business will qualify for an appropriate policy.

If you’ve previously been denied cyber insurance, are concerned about retaining your existing coverage, or are exploring cyber liability insurance for the first time, you need the right team of experts on your side to help guide you through the readiness process.

Engaging with our risk assessment team means understanding how to protect your business, customers, and systems with confidence.

When is it time to start shopping for a cyber insurance policy?

Now! Ask our team to recommend a Cyber Insurance Risk Partner (CIRP) to help you with your mission to find the right cyber insurance policy. Cyber Risk Management is a two-sided coin. On one side of the coin is our team of cyber security and technology management experts. The other side of the coin is just as important as the insurance agent.

There are two problems with going straight to any insurance agent to get a quote for cyber insurance:

  1. Insurance agents don’t have the tools necessary to give you a proper calculation on how much coverage you’ll need to cover a breach incident response.
  2. Insurance agents can’t truly determine whether your business is compliant with the policy they quote you on.

Our CIRPs are a network of cyber risk management-educated and trained insurance agents who will collaborate with our team to make sure that you have a solid policy that you’re compliant with and will cover as much of your incident response costs as possible.


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