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This is a short story about a customer who called a few weeks ago who is now a WOM Sentinel Platform client. it happens everyday to people who think it will never happen to them This can all be avoided by having us do a quick technology evaluation and implementing the ... Read More
Sign up by August 28th and get ONE FREE MONTH of Business IT Service! Call now to schedule a FREE Technology Evaluation: (888) 966-7228 What is it that gives managed services the edge over the break-fix IT solution? In my opinion, South Florida does not truly have another IT solutions provider who ... Read More
Operating a small business means filling multiple roles and balancing priorities like some kind of un-entertaining circus act. For many years, there has been a huge focus on time management involving task lists priority setting, scheduling and all sorts of practices that still justifies the purchase of pen-and-paper day planner ... Read More
It’s funny how things work sometimes. I preach all day long “redundancy, redundancy, redundancy”, but after a while it starts to become something you just talk about without realizing the true importance of it. This morning I logged on to one of our remote servers to get some bookkeeping done. ... Read More
I’ve spent a good portion of the last five years shaking my head in disbelief at some of the network closets found in offices around the region. Nothing surprises me anymore, but I still have to shake my head when I see $20,000 (and usually more) in equipment in a ... Read More

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