Workstations / PC’s

Workstations / PC's


hat is a Workstation?
A workstation is a personal computer that is used for high end applications such as graphic design, video editing, CAD, 3-D design, or other CPU and RAM intensive programs. A workstation typically has a top of the line, fast processor, multiple hard drives, and a lot of RAM memory. A workstation may also have special audio, video, or processing cards for special editing work. A workstation is marketed by computer manufacturers to professional users, while the server is more of a utility device.

The best PC support for workstations, laptops and desktops in South Florida can be found at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics. Whether your system is a high-powered workstation rendering 3-D images of prototypes or a Zero-Client accessing a virtual machine for email and internet browsing, we can help.

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