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ISP (Internet Service Provider) Telecom Consulting
How much do you understand about how internet service providers get internet data to your location? Not much you say? Not a problem! At Word of Mouth, our telecommunications consulting services are here to educate and inform you. It’s not your job to understand how Comcast, ATT or Verizon work! With all of the confusing marketing advertisements and twisted facts, it’s often impossible for the average consumer to understand how all of the mumbo jumbo and internet speed terminology translate to useful information. Slow internet is frustrating if you are trying to pay bills, print airline tickets or send an email to someone important. Our experienced network technicians are happy to serve you, they can check internet speed, check your computer out and make sure it’s not the problem and advise you on how to be rid of your internet speed or connection issues. We regularly work with the technicians from Comcast and ATT to solve these types of problems for both residential and business clients. We know how to make sure that the job gets done right as quickly as possible!

Phone Service Provider Consulting Telecom Consulting
At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, our telecommunications consulting services brings extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with phone systems and phone service providers. Businesses without proper advisement on office phone systems or apple-to-apple comparisons between phone service providers run the risk of wasting thousands of dollars. Telecom consulting will save your business time and money. At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, we are happy to help your make good decisions between office telephone service providers such as Comcast, ATT, Verizon and hosted PBX providers saving your business substantial time and money telecommunications consulting services.

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