Business Network Solutions

Wired (LAN) & Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi)


aving Trouble with Internet? LAN Sharing? Wi-Fi?
Your search for help is over! Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics specializes in ISP (internet service provider) consulting, business networks, file sharing and Wi-Fi (wireless networking). We come loaded for bear when we show up to your service call. We have extensive experience in dealing with network issues in old buildings with decrepit wiring and planning new construction wiring diagrams that will be used for many years. Get connected and get fast with the network experts at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Consulting
How much do you understand about how internet service providers get internet data to your location? Not much you say? Not a problem! It’s not your job to understand how Comcast, AT&T or Verizon work! With all of the confusing marketing advertisements and twisted facts, it’s often impossible for the average business leader to understand how all of the mumbo jumbo and internet speed terminology translate to useful information. Slow internet is frustrating if you are trying to conduct business. Our experienced network technicians are happy to serve you, they can check internet speed, check your computer out and make sure it’s not the problem and advise you on how to be rid of your internet speed or connection issues. We regularly work with the technicians from Comcast and AT&T to solve these types of problems for our business clients. We know how to make sure that the job gets done right as quickly as possible!

Network Design and Installation
Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics offers a full line of services and products that can be used to solve any issue. LAN solutions like hubs, switches and wireless routers can make for a giant tangled mess for many modern business leaders. To untangle the mess, you need expert help. At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, we specialize in running LAN drops, making Ethernet terminations, cleaning up messy, hard-to-troubleshoot LAN closets and properly configuring the necessary equipment to make sure that your infrastructure (wired and/or wireless) can get the job done!

Got Wi-Fi?
Today, most offices with an internet connection have some level of wireless networking or WiFi integrated into their infrastructure. Many times, our clients express concerns with slow internet speeds, but after our technicians check internet speed at wired and wireless connections, we often find that the culprit is a weak or insufficient Wi-Fi (WLAN). Making sure your wireless internet speed meets your needs in every area of your property is our specialty. From 500 square foot office spaces to stadiums, we can get you unplugged, FAST!

WiFi Networking

Our WiFi network experts have you covered! Whether you are streaming Hi-Definition movies or just want to get connected with your mobile devices, our WiFi systems are strong enough for a busy office and scalable for home use.

Network Cabling

Sometimes a wireless connection just isn’t enough and a good, old-fashioned hardwired connection is what you need. Our structured cabling team specializes in getting the wires where you need them and getting you plugged in.

Powerline Networking

When you need a network jack, but you can’t get a wire to the location, use your powerlines! Our network team can work magic in your home can get you connected utilizing your existing electrical lines. Call to learn how!

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