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Computer Repair and Computer Network Services for your business.

Business I.T. Support

Our business I.T. management is the core of our business at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics. We specializing in steering your business through the rocky and confusing world of business systems and technology. From the smallest PC problem to full scale network design and implementation, we are here for our clients! The best way we have found to serve our business clients’ I.T. support needs is through our Sentinel Platform Managed I.T. Service. This is the simplest way to keep your business on track and ahead of your competition. Sentinel clients pay a monthly “membership” fee and we take all of the risk of problems and repair needs on ourselves. In essence, we become your outsourced I.T. Support Department and your I.T. service issues become our problem so you can focus on your own industry!

Why would a small business hire an I.T. company instead of managing their own I.T. solutions?

Most small businesses have I.T. budgets that will not allow for the implementation of a full blown I.T. department, this is where an outsourced I.T. company can help. Companies that can afford to hire one full time I.T. person often find that one person just isn’t enough to manage, maintain and improve a business I.T. system while meeting the day-to-day help desk needs of a company’s workforce. This is why small businesses turn to and outside I.T. solutions for I.T. services such as an outside I.T. company.

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Help Desk Support

Our Help Desk services are available Monday – Friday 8am-5pm at no cost to our Sentinel Platform Members and for Non-Members at $85 per hour. Our Help Desk Technicians are able to help with anything from computer problems and troubleshooting to helping our clients learn how to make use of features offered by their technology.

On-Site Services

If you need on-site, in-person help our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are here to help! Our on-site technicians can install new devices, show you how to use your devices, fix network issues and much more.

Remote Assistance

Most of our service calls are completed via remote assistance. Our clients are able to invite our technicians into their computer so that we can help them with their problems immediately without having to wait for a technician to drive out to their home. All that is needed is a PC that is capable of accessing the internet and we can help keep your business at peak productivity!

Virus & Malware Removal

Our technicians are experts when it comes to the identification and removal of malicious software. One of the most frustrating experiences a computer user can have is being infected by malware. Our help desk team is here to get your system back-on-track!

Technical Help

Many of our clients don’t have a problem with their computer, but they need help because there is a task they aren’t sure how to execute or a feature they don’t understand. While our Help Desk Team is qualified to handle major projects and issues, they are also happy to help with simple issues and helping our clients learn to use their technology.

System Optimization

If your business systems are running slow, your users cannot perform to their full potential. Sometimes computers will seem sluggish because they need upgraded hardware such as additional memory or a faster processor. However, speed problems are often caused by unnecessary files in the operating system, malware and the presence of extraneous software. Our technicians can rectify these problems by simply cleaning up your system and making sure your systems and users are working at peak performance.

IT Support in West Palm Beach - Jupiter - Stuart & Hobe Sound.

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