9 Ways to Measure if Your IT Solution is Doing What it Should

Mar 28, 2022 by Josh Nelson

Accountability - Do you have a clear picture of what your technology manager is doing with their time and your money? Having a system in place to keep track of how your technology management solution is spending time and funds is important for holding them accountable for the work they do.    Communication - Is your IT support communicating clearly and frequently with you? A healthy & effective relationship with your technology ...

COVID & Cybersecurity

Mar 24, 2022 by Josh Nelson

COVID & Cybersecurity   There are parallels between the lessons we’ve learned, and continue to learn, about mitigating risks involving COVID and managing cybersecurity. Just like the risks involved with COVID, cybersecurity risks to businesses are a global, indiscriminate, unrelenting, and require personal, national, and global effort to limit the impact they have on society.   As a managed service provider, we spend a lot...

TrackMan Marble Wheel Review

Jan 24, 2022 by Derreck Ogden

If you’re a someone who multi-tasks on your computer for sales & marketing, customer service, digital design, music & video editing, or data entry - this is the mouse you’ve been waiting for - a Bluetooth version of Logitech's fabled TrackMan Marble Wheel. And this is, indeed, a really nice trackball for use with new laptops that don't have USB-A ports, such as the MacBook/MacBook Pro. I have to give this mouse a ra...

Lost Photo of Jeff Bezos Circa 1974

Jan 13, 2022 by Derreck Ogden

Successful leaders in business have one thing in common: they lead. Making decisions related the types of technology to use and how far to take the implementations of different solutions requires forethought, knowledge, and the courage to lead a team to a new horizon is a full-time job. When asked what I do, I often say “I sell horizons”. What that means is I connect my client base with things they’ve never seen before or heard ...

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