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Web Development Services including website design, web hosting, search engine optimization, social media networking, video production & local internet marketing.

Internet Marketing: The Bottom Line



ur web development team is ready to pounce on your website or internet marketing project. Our team can build a website, add a webpage or help you dominate the web with our SEO (search engine optimization) & social media management.

One of the benefits of dealing with an establish local web development company is that we have to maintain our local reputation. The web development industry is one wrought with stories of freelancers taking deposits and disappearing or large national organizations charging big money and offering little or no service after they have “completed” the project they were contracted for.

At WOM, we pride ourselves in providing our web development clients the same excellent service they are accustomed to from our other services. We have been in the very same location we opened in February 2010 and when we needed to expand two years ago, we added on to our office space instead of moving. The point is, unlike typical web companies, we don’t move around or change our name to avoid the fallout from dissatisfied clients.

We feel it’s better to work hard and make sure EVERY CLIENT IS 100% SATISFIED!

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We develop websites that work, and look great, across every platform. Your site will perform on desktops, tablets and smart phones. Our sites are fully compatible whether your visitors are viewing your site on an Apple Mac, iOS, Android or a PC using FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other browser.

Website Design

Building a new website can be a daunting task to any business leader. We are your fully scalable web development solution. Our web development team can help you design a structure for your site, generate content and bring you design concepts to choose from and edit however you like. Whether you need a whole new website, you just need to add another web page, or you want to make other updates, we can help!

Social Media and Online Reputation Management

Social Media and Online Reputation Management can be scary and confusing topics for business leaders who depend on the internet to drive their businesses. We can help your business achieve the web presence you need. From attracting followers to advising you on content, we can help you grow a healthy and profitable online presence!

Promote Your Business on Major Search Engines in 3-Steps

Keyword Research

Many business leaders “jump the gun” by hiring an internet marketing company to promote their site for a few keywords and paying big money without knowing which keywords they REALLY need to promote. Our internet marketing team will work with you to identify the search terms (keywords) that are relevant to your site and the visitors you are targeting.

Site Keyword Optimization

Our web development team will build (or optimize) your website to specific standards that will allow your site to be easily found on the major search engines based on your targeted keywords. Site structure, meta tags and content will be analyzed and optimized to ensure that your site will attract and engage qualified targeted traffic. We will ensure that all of the necessary components of your site are properly configured to look attractive and relevant to both potential visitors and search engine algorithms.

Increase Your Website's Traffic (SEO & SEM)

Our team will work with you to plan and implement a long term strategy for promoting your site on the World Wide Web by using our extensive network to build inbound links to your website, increasing your rankings in organic search results (Search Engine Optimization/SEO). We will also develop a monthly budget and strategy for paid ads and inbound links (Search Engine Marketing/SEM).

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