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ord of Mouth Computers and Electronics has been providing computer help to businesses through the Sentinel Platform and our business clients love it so much, we decided to offer this type of Manage I.T. Service to our residential clients. If you are a serious computer user, you may need a little more support than the average. This is why we offer our Sentinel Platform Managed I.T. Service.

What is Managed I.T. Service?

Managed I.T. Service basically works like a tech support membership for I.T. help and basic computer help. Based on which plan you choose, our residential Manage I.T. Service can include automatic off-site backup, guaranteed antivirus measures and 8am-5pm Monday-Friday help desk services with remote assistance. Some plans even include on-site service.

What Does This Mean For Me?

Members of our Residential Sentinel Platform pay a fixed monthly fee based on their selected features, and they don’t get a separate bill for computer help or other services used! Our I.T. help desk at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics will manage your back up, keep software patches and updates under control, keep your computer optimized at all times, advise you on home technology decisions and, if you get a virus, we take care of it!

What if I am a Seasonal Resident?

Our Sentinel Platform Managed I.T. Support Service knows no boundaries! We have many clients who are on our plan that utilize our I.T. help desk for tech support from around the country and around the world when they need computer help. The trick is to get one the plan BEFORE you have a problem and we can help you avoid issues while you are out of the area.

Stop paying for hourly help with:

  • Computer Repair
  • I.T. Support
  • Computer Help
  • Tech Support
Managed Services

Unlimited Help Desk Support

When our clients become Sentinel Platform members there is a noticeable shift in the role of our support team in their lives. Our team starts off as a solution to problems as they arise. However, when clients who use our hourly services switch to our Sentinel Platform, they notice that the number of problems they have decline drastically. How can we offer UNLIMITED HELP DESK SUPPORT? With the Sentinel Platform, we are able to prevent our members from having problems which reduces and sometimes even eliminates their need to call us in the first place!

Guaranteed Anti-Virus

Our Sentinel Platform members are protected by our exclusive Sentinel Agent Security which utilizes the databases and scanning strategies of multiple anti-virus solutions. The best part is that we are so confident in our solution that if something gets passed our security, we will remove the infection and get you back up and running at no cost to you! Now THAT is putting our money where our mouth is!

Sentinel Portal and Reporting

If you are paying for a monthly service, you want to know what you are getting for your money! We understand! Our Sentinel Platform Members receive monthly reports on the health of their system(s) as well as service calls and maintenance procedures that have been completed. Our members have access to all of their information via our Sentinel Customer Portal including service tickets, projects, estimates, health reports and more!

Priority Service

While we are known for providing the best service for ALL of our clients, our Sentinel members get special treatment! Our 24/7 monitoring gives our support team and our members up-to-date information about their systems as well as managing updates and other automatic maintenance procedures. Sentinel Members also get bumped to the front of our help desk call queues and onsite service call schedules for even faster service from our friendly support team!

Managed Data Backup

Our managed data backup service is among the favorite services of our members. Accidentally deleted file? Lost, stolen or damaged computer? No problem, not only do we include backup services in some of our Sentinel Platform plans, but we include the support you need to restore and recover backed up files when you need them! Our backup services are automatic, secure and accessible from anywhere!

Worldwide Support

Our Sentinel Members are able to access the benefits of our services no matter where they are in the world. As long as their computer has access to the internet or the member has access to a phone, we are here to help.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

  • Sentinel Starter

    $29.95 per PC/month

    Recommended for Home Users

    Initial PC Tune-Up
    24/7 Monitoring
    Support Up to 2 Peripheral Devices per PC
    Discounted On-Site Reactive Service
  • Sentinel Guardian

    $95 per PC/month (Subject to Network Evaluation)

    Recommended for Small Businesses or I.T. Departments

    All Services from Sentinel Basic and...
    Included On-Site Reactive Support (Guaranteed Within 1 Hour of Escalation)

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