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Smart Home AutomationSmart Home Automation: Crestron vs. RTI

Home Automation

“Home automation” refers to the automating or integration of home appliances and technology with some type of control system. Home technology integration has become more and more popular since the invention of inexpensive high-tech devices like the iPod Touch, Android tablets like the Galaxy and Xoom and, of course, the iPhone and iPad.

Crestron vs. RTI

Smart home technology used to be only for the very wealthy. Controlling door locks, lighting and HVAC required the installation of specialized custom systems like Crestron or Control 4 that would require extensive programming and invasive installations often requiring drywall repair and painting. This is no longer the case. Consumers are now able to purchase thermostats that connect to their WiFi¬† router for just a few hundred dollars giving them the ability to control their air conditioner from anywhere with an internet connection! Using components from manufacturers such as RTI, Savant and BitWise, allows for maximum performance and creativity. The best part about using systems from these manufacturers is that home owners are able to start off slow with simple projects like¬† a control system for their living room entertainment system and then add features like lighting or HVAC control later. Smaller projects stretched out over time allows today’s home owner to automate their new smart home in phases. More complex solutions like door locks, lighting, motorized window treatments, etc often still require a professional installer, but the cost is nothing like it was even 4 years ago.

At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC, we can design, install and program a home automation system and make your home a smart home! We specialize in getting our customers the most for their money, being sure to make the system simple and easy to use. Integration of lighting control, HVAC control, entertainment system control and anything else you can imagine, can be done without costing you a fortune!

By Derreck Ogden

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