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What are Business Electronics?

Business electronics are those little devices that take your office to the next level. While we are able to handle computers, servers and mobile devices in our Business I.T. Support Division, our Custom Electronics Integration Division specializes in the high tech devices in your lobbies, conference rooms and private offices that allow you to entertain, present and communicate in the most sophisticated and simple ways.

Custom Conference Room Installation

At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC, we can give your conference room the edge it needs to impress your clients and other visitors while keeping the utilization and operation of the equipment simple and easy for any user. There’s no better way to show guests in your conference room that you mean business than readying your presentation or web conference in seconds with the touch of a button!

Audio Systems

Clinical studies have shown that having soft music playing in the background in waiting areas tends to calm customers or patients that are waiting to be seen or for service. Our office audio systems are designed to fit any project specification or budget. From high-quality entertainment systems for conference rooms and auditoriums to inexpensive ceiling speaker systems for lobbies and waiting rooms, we’ve got you covered!

Key Concepts:

  • Business Electronics

  • Conference Room Installation

  • Audio Systems

By Derreck Ogden

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